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February 4: Show #8 description “Beating the Boomer Bust: The Impending Tsunami of Retiring Business Owners”

John F. Dini, nationally known author, speaker and expert on business ownership will join the Biz Broker Talk radio team to discuss “Beating the Boomer Bust".

John F. Dini will join the show to discuss his research into the impact or retiring Baby Boomer owners on the small business landscape. “Social and economic circumstances have made the Boomers the largest business owning generation in American history,” Dini says. “Their exit over the next 20 years will dramatically change the look and influence of small business.”

Dini predicts a number of issues will surface over the next few years. A generation of buyers who don’t share the Boomer’s attitudes towards work, tight financial markets and the sheer number of sellers seeking to leave their businesses will create a strong buyers’ market.

January 28: Show #7 description “Certified Equipment Appraisals and Business Valuations"

Join Daniel Hall, General Manager of NEBB and ISBA, as he reviews the valuation process for both businesses and assets.

Daniel Hall is the General Manager of the NEBB Institute, Inc. , a Dallas based education and credentialing firm. The NEBB Institute trains and certifies professionals who wish to become Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers ( CMEA ) and/or Business Certified Appraisers ( BCA).  The company has over 700 members that participate in the programs and services provided by the Institute.
Dan has several credentials which indicate his education, experience and expertise in valuing small and medium sized businesses and the assets of their operations.  His has been a CMEA for over 10 years and has also completed a number of business valuation assignments.  For 17 years, Dan was a Business Brokers an d Merger and Acquisition Intermediary.  He has served as the Chairman of the Board of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), the largest trade association of Business Brokers in the profession

January 14: Show #5 description “Small Business Funding Strategies"

Join Dallas Kerley, Chief Development Officer, Benetrends, as he reviews small business funding strategies.

Every funding program has advantages and disadvantages and it’s important to know that the strategy you choose is appropriate for your individual needs. Every business is unique, and every entrepreneur has a different tolerance for risk.  What works for one may not be acceptable to another with the exact same set of financial circumstances.

Learn about several funding options for your small business including:

·        SBA Loan Programs

·        401(K)/IRA Business Funding

·        Securities Backed Loans...and more

Benetrends originated 401(k)/IRA rollover funding helping over 10,000 entrepreneurs in the last 30 years. Benetrends provides a comprehensive suite of small business solutions including SBA Loans, Securities Backed Lines of Credit, Equipment Leasing, Commercial and Health Insurance, Payroll Services and more. To learn more about Benetrends, please visit us at 


January 7: Show #4 description “Exit Planning, Five Ways to Leave Your Company.”

John F. Dini, nationally known author, speaker and expert on business ownership will join the Biz Broker Talk radio team to discuss the five ways owners can choose to leave their companies.

Sooner or later, every business owner leaves his or her business. There are five ways to exit your company. Choosing how you want to transition from your business isn’t a decision to be left to the last minute.

An orderly succession is the least you owe to your employees, your customers and your family. Depending on your current success and eventual objectives, one of the following is going to be your option.

1.     Close down the business

2.     Sell it to a third party

3.     Sell it to employees

4.     Sell it to family members

5.     Let it come as a surprise!

Preparation is critical for any chosen exit. What you will do in the company to prepare it for an outside sale is very different from how it should look for a sale to insiders. In this episode, we will examine how things that you can start doing right away can dramatically effect your long-term equity.


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For almost all sellers, their small business is their retirement which means the sale of their business will be their largest financial transaction in their lifetime. It is too important not to use an experienced team of professionals for this event. Almost every business owner thinks their business is worth $1M but is it really? Talking to an experienced professional a few years in advance can help maximize sales value and finding a true market price for the business so that it can be successfully sold. Tune in to Biz Broker Talk, live every Tuesday at 4 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.
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